A Quick Bathroom Redo

Check out this great post from my niece Nicole. I just love what she has done to her bathroom. As a family, we love sharing decorating ideas. Happy Decorating, Kathy

My husband and I moved into a newly built home about three years ago.  When we moved into the house I didn't have many ideas for decorating.  We put up some of the stuff from our previous home, but I really liked the plainness of the new home.  I felt like I needed time in the house to really decide what I wanted to do. Fast forward to now and I am in all out decorating mode.  I don't really want to take on any huge projects, but there are definitely things we can do to get rid of the "builder grade" feel.

Over the last couple of months, I have swapped out the foyer and stairwell chandeliers.  After that, it was time to tackle the main floor half bath.  I liked the color of the walls already (Sherwin Williams Latte) and just like my Aunt Kathy, I love the show Fixer Upper. I tried to think like Joanna Gaines and how I could give it more of the rustic feel.  We swapped out the builder grade light fixture with a new brown toned fixture from Lowes.  I matched the brown tones to a new reclaimed wood looking mirror that I found at Kirklands.  
Above the toilet, I added a wood pallet sign that I painted during a session at "When Pigs Fly" in Fredericksburg.  If you haven't checked this paint studio out, you should.  It is so much fun.
On the back wall, I didn't want to have too much white, so I found this decorative wood wall decor at Kirklands.
The shelf that sits on the floor was actually a house warming gift from my Nanny (our inspiration behind this family blog).  I didn't want to paint the shelf, so I focused more on the d├ęcor placed on it.  I already had some of the items on the shelf and a couple I found on my trips to Target and Home Goods(two of my favorite stores). I think it turned out great and it is a little reminder of my Nanny every time I see it.

The bathroom is done…nothing too crazy and over the top. Just a few pieces can completely change the look and feel!  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  And the best part... it didn't cost a lot. What room can I change next?

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